Monday, August 30, 2004

the cheese stands alone

freal doh.

It's nearly September. I have been dreading this month. I had been saying, "JoBiv, by September, the great majority of your first-string friends will be gone-daddy-gone." And they are. The list of pooponable first-stringers - Hahem:

Sarah "B. B." I. - This meanie went to Nebraska. ON PURPOSE!

Kdiggety DAWG - Moved back home to Sunnyvale CA, because apparently the weather doesn't suck there. Oh, and her family is there. And her friends. And her future career. Don't bog me down with details.

Sus - Jerk moved to Denver. You have a boyfriend, you say? Suuure... Mythical Mike. We've heard it all before.

JLiz - Miss "I'm going to Santa Barbara and I'm taking my baby with me." I mean, come ON! Who does that? At least leave Nora with me as a consolation prize! (Aww whosababy!)

However, I still have my MeeraLove and Kait. And the Maldenites. And Michelle, Steve, Ken with a J, Carl with a K et alia. And my dignity. Sometimes.

What a poor first blog. I promise to be cheerier.